Corporate Classic Thanksgiving Package (serves 4)

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Our classic Thanksgiving Package is filled with holiday favorites. You choose between a raw, uncooked turkey that will be roasted in our your home OR a fully cooked and carved turkey that will need to simply be reheated. All of the sides come with both packages, are cooked, and will just need to be reheated at home. *No substitutions please.

Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey: Choice of two options:

1. Whole Uncooked Turkey, (oven-ready) seasoned with dried thyme, salt, pepper and sent in a disposable roasting pan and ready to roast in your home oven.   

2. Whole Roasted & Cooked Turkey seasoned with thyme, salt and pepper. Sliced with white and dark meat and ready to be reheated in your oven.    

Traditional Turkey Pan Gravy

Cranberry Sauce    

Fresh Herb Dressing: Diced bread stuffing with celery, onion, fresh thyme and parsley.  

Whipped Mashed Potatoes: Buttermilk whipped potatoes simply seasoned with butter, salt and pepper.  

Green Bean Casserole: Classic casserole made with tender green beans and a creamy wild mushroom sauce then topped with crispy fried onions. 

Candied Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes cooked with maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon then topped with roasted pecans.   

Soft Rolls: House-made soft rolls with whipped, salted butter.