Cabernet Braised Beef Short Ribs

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Cabernet Braised Beef Short Ribs: Short Ribs pan seared and slow-cooked with red wine, roasted vegetables, and fresh herbs until tender. Served with house-made Cabernet Sauvignon demi-glace. 6oz serving  


Creamy Horseradish  Potato and Parsnip Puree: Simmered with fresh thyme and bay leaves, pureed smooth with fresh grated horseradish.  

Lemon Charred Broccolini: Fresh broccolini marinated in a tart lemon dressing, charred over an open flame.   


** Note: Pairings are optional. You will have the opportunity to purchase after adding the meal to your basket. **

Shrimp Cocktail: One dozen jumbo shrimp, gently poached in a blend of lemon, white wine and Old Bay seafood spice.  Served chilled with homemade spicy cocktail sauce.   

Charleston She Crab Soup: Creamy Cajun spiced crab soup made with crab roe, finished with dry Sherry. 

Dark Chocolate Torte: Flourless chocolate cake topped with rich dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, and garnished with fresh seasonal berries.  

Bourbon Smash Mix: Classic Southern style sweet tea, flavored with fresh peach puree and lemon juice. Served with your favorite bourbon or whisky all muddled together with fresh black berries.   

Ginger Mint Limeade Mule: Steeped ginger & mint honey syrup, fresh lime juice and Local Cannonborough Craft Ginger Beer. Add your favorite vodka (or gin!) and garnish with candied ginger and lime!   

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