Why Table & Twine?

Why Table & Twine

What Makes us different

At Table & Twine we believe in an easy, fresh, and flexible meal prep experience. We believe every dish should be prepared and packaged so your experience at your table is indistinguishable from a great restaurant experience.  

Artisanal Dishes

  • A fresh and rotating menu of chef-driven dishes, exploring both classic dishes as well as on-trend progressive and ethnic cuisines 
  • We use authentic techniques and carefully sourced ingredients

Minimal Effort

  • Our innovative design allows many of our items to be cooked in their original packaging 
  • Our oven-ready butcher's paper wrapped in signature twine allows you to place our protein dishes directly in the oven without removing them from their packaging

Simplicity at its Best

  • 15-minute or less cook time on all our dinner dishes
  • Breakfast options under 60 seconds
  • We season, marinate, and par-cook vegetables; you just finish them in the oven in under 15 minutes to ensure just the right consistency and temperature

Flexible Portions

  • Our dinner portions are available in single increments, so we never force customers to order more than they need just to meet a minimum portion count
  • We want to serve you the food you need, whether it’s a quick dinner for one, or a large gathering of friends or family

Freshness Where It Counts

  • Through years of catering events at off-site locations, we have developed techniques to maximize freshness while minimizing final preparation time
  • We pan-roast our beef to a few degrees below perfect completion, requiring only a final sear to cook the perfect temperature every time


  • Each week we offer everyday dinner options for $15.99, as well as premium meals starting from $19.99 to fit your casual family night or your special celebratory dinner

How our Meal Prep Service Works

Each week we prepare 5 unique meals for you and your family. We recommend pairings including house-made cocktail mixes, appetizers, and desserts. The menu of offerings rotates bi-weekly but seasonal offerings, kid’s meals, and other a la carte items are available for purchase each week. 

Delivery and pick up are offered three days each week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Orders can be placed 48-hours in advance of your required delivery or pickup day. Our professional chefs prepare each meal on-demand for you, to later be heated and served within 15 minutes at your home. Dinners can be kept refrigerated up to 3 days after pickup or delivery (see the FAQ for shelf-life of other items). You can elect to bundle all your weekly meals into the same delivery or pickup day, or you can space out your deliveries throughout the week.